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Welcome to Jyothis School for Children with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism, Sensory Disorders, Learning Disability and other Childhood Disabilities.

Started in the 'Land of Latex, Letters and Lakes' in June 2002, the aim of the school is to induce growth developmental training,education and to create an enriched environment for those disabled children to develop,learn,function and live as social beings.The school started with the technical partnership extended by VIDYASAGAR (formerly,Spastic Society of India) Chennai.This school is the first project of GREENLIFE CHARITABLE TRUST (Regd.) Kottayam.The trust runs two schools for children with special needs at Kottayam and Palai.

Disabilities are not a disease

It's noticed that the birth of children at risk are increasing each year and majority of them survive with features of developmental disabilities such as C.P.,Down Syndrome, Autism,Sensory Disorders and Pervasive Disorders. These are not diseases but a condition in a child,which cannot be cured but of course the functional disability of the child can be enhanced to a great extent by synchronized training in a professional school.Such children need early medical stabilization,identification and intervention.There are very few professional centres or Special Institutions available in our state/area to support and care for these populations in a synchronised manner. It's here Jyothis School for Children with Challenges has been making a striking difference to the children and their parents' lives!

Why Jyothis is unique?

Jyothis is focussing on early intervention. If we can give proper training and intervention within the neuro-maturation period that is from the first month of birth to 6 or 7 years the development in the brain cells are tremendous and thus we can get very better results out of it.

Jyothis School for Children with Cerebral Palsy and other Childhood Disabilities aims at making the life of these children more joyous.  As age passes by, both the children and the parents start feeling the burden of the disabilities.  Disabilities is not a disease, it is a condition in a child, which cannot be cured but of course the severity of the disabilities can be reduced to a great extent by synchronized training.  The school would be a place where children with Disabilities of varied degree of severity and from different social and economic backgrounds assemble.  The parents can share their grief and are aware that there are many a number of Disabilities children and they are not the lone runner in the race.  Jyothis imparts training based on the category of the child, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, creative works, furniture based on the physical needs of the child, all under one roof helps in co-ordination of the activities of the child and also effective monitoring of the development in a child. The children find themselves among friends and people who care for them.  They get a feel of being wanted and this boosts a lot of confidence in the child.  The training imparted makes the child independent to a large extent, imbibes social awareness in a child and a few hours out of their homes makes the child happy.  The daily routine of the school imparts self-discipline and there is always an inclination to learn more, perform better with positive psychological impacts in a child.  This noble cause, which induces hope, happiness and independency in the early and prime ages of these Disabilities children - wouldn’t everyone like to play a role for this benevolent cause, be it in any manner.  Our positive approach could bring out the best in a child.



Read our credibilities

:: Registered under Charitable Trust Act, as per Deed No. 164/02/IV dated 29th August 2002 at Sub Registry Office, Kottayam.
:: Established in June 2002 for serving children with Cerebral Palsy and other developmental disorders.
:: Is registered with Income Tax Department and has been given PAN and IT exemption under sec.80 G
:: Recognised by the Education Department,Govt. of Kerala as a special school vide Regn.No.EDN/KTM/16/2005 dt.27-06-05
:: Registered with Govt. of India ministry of Home Affairs,New Delhi,vide Regn.No.05870315 dt.06-09-05 for receiving foreign contribution
:: Vidyasagar (formerly Spastic Society of India,Chennai)have included “Jyothis” in their Community Based Rehabiltation (CBR) project.
:: Is registered with National Trust for the Welfare of persons with autism,Cerebral Palsy,Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities,(Ministry of social Justice & Empowerment,Govt. of India) us 12(4), vide registration No. 1173/CP Dated 11/7/2007.




S.H. Mount, Kottayam Pin- 686 006, Kerala,India.
Tel: +91 481 2300733,9447200312

Anugraha, Kottaramattom,Pala, Kerala.
Tel:+ 91 482 2201722

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